Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mermaids,Mother and Child

A happy Small Girl

Portrait of Mary Caroline - 2009

The Little Mermaid

An illussion, Awkward age, thinking

Snowy Horses

Bathroom to Waterfall

A Small kids Fantasies that his bath room would one day be a Waterfall

Mermaid Dreams

mermaids are the most lovely creatures, Kids often think of them imagine them when storys were told
I have seen kids in my home watch Mermaid cartoons, The Mermaid Ariel with lovely fishes, and a kingdom  beneath the sea

Kid by the pool

Childhood is full of Fantasy's,Illusions, Children spend their time spending by the lake side
It was lovely time, as kid we imagine , dont know what life is , now we find life to be a puzzle

Jim Warrens paintings

Publish Post

Jim Warrens paintings

Jim Warren is one of the most successful & versatile artists in the world today.
From the wild & whimsical to the sweet & sensuous, for over 40 years Jim Warren has been painting his way into the hearts and minds of people the world over. Already considered a "living legend of the art world", Jim continues to surprise and amaze.
Even if you are not familiar with the name Jim Warren, you have undoubtably seen his art, in some form, at some time.
His work has been featured on hundreds of movie posters and book, record and magazine covers, most notably the Grammy Award Winning album cover he painted for Bob Seger's "Against the Wind"  in 1981.
In the ILLUSTRATION section of this site you will see the work he has created for Alice Cooper, Prince, Clive Barker and many others.
The PORTRAITS section features Jim's whimsical "personalized Paintings", as Jim prefers to call his portraits, that he has painted for celebrities, CEOs and families.
Jim's FINE ART CATALOG features the many works that he has painted useing his own ideas inspired by the world around him. These paintings, the originals and high quality limited edition prints of them, are exhibited and sold in many of the finest galleries in the world including the Wyland Gallery chain and the Princess Cruise Lines onboard Galleries.
Featured here are also the very unique collaboration paintings that Jim has done with other artists such as Wyland, Michael Godard and Disney Studios.

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